Luge Ideas… Need tons of help!

So I am in Queenstown, (Not my home, of course) and I thought about F1 Racing, but I realized Luge is more fun! Can you give some ideas after checking these references?

This seems like advertisement, you literally told us the location.


No! I think it is very hard, so I wanted to do it.

ngl you have a point
There’s even a video

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maybe just say you found it online so as not to share your location?

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Lets get back on-topic. You would probably have a track in terrain right? Then, using a theory that I have NOT tested in ANY WAY, you could probably make this work. So if we had a bunch of small zones close together but not overlapping, and we put our desired emoji/prop for our luge in each or the zones, and deactivate on game start, then when a play enters the zone, you could have the prop appear. When they leave, the prop then disappears. Buuuut when they leave they will run into a new zone which does the same thing. This (should) essentially make the cart “follow” the player around, making it look like they are riding it.

now i sooooo want to go to queenstown on holiday again we never did luge racing :cry:
I am such a hypocrite for posting off topic stuff when I just said to be on topic lol


But what about the lift? Do we do some sort of teleportation?

Do you have any ideas at all for the lift, and chatting with a sentry?

It is basically learning how to use the controls/

a few. . .but just give me a moment I take forever to write stuff

Method 1: Make the sentry on the player’s team. Maybe give him like a moustache or something. Place an invisible button named “talk to instructor” and wire it to a pop up. pressed—show make the pop up not closable by the player. Then put in what you want the sentry to say, and make the call to action what you want the player to say in response. wire the call to actions with other pop ups to make a conversation.
Method 2: Make sentry on the player’s team. Place a speech bubble :left_speech_bubble: emoji above the sentry in text. Place a smaller text in the bubble and write what you want it to say. have triggers that have delays that when triggered hide one text and show another so you have it sort of talking

This may be unclear so I’ll send a video and photos soon


@UnderTheMoon Love your ideas! Take as much time as you need.

as the official grammar chicken i think you’re title is’nt right

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As the unofficial grammar chicken I think your reply


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Thanks. I can’t today but I’ll look tomorrow

ahrg sorry I have technical issues and can’t get photos or vids uploaded so you have to make sense from my rambles

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Don’t worry. Thank you for helping!

I’ll look at the lift now!

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