Lost my channels 🤔

so I was making a lottery ticket reward thing and I put out a lot of channels in the trigger block code, I got out the item granters and tried to input the channels that was in the trigger block code, when I tried to do it, there was nothing. Is this a glitch or is there a reason for this? I have done this a lot of times but never had trouble with it like I had now

I am pretty sure the channel needs to be made first in a device, then it can be found in block code. The channel wasn’t created at the time of the block code, so you need to re-add it in the block after creating the channel in the devices. Let me know if you don’t understand it.

well it worked before so it may just be a glitch

Did you check tho? For at least one?


did you try refreshing?

okay I figured it out, if you insert a number into the channels like 10,000 it only displays it as 000 so every time I was looking for the 10,000 it was actually 000, weird

Pls mark a solution.

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