Longer Name in GKC

The limit for Gimkit Creative names is twenty characters. β€œi” is probably the shortest name, but the longest name?


This is a long character, and for some (good) reason you can only place ten. This is the result:

Is that really a bug?

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I didn’t know what else to categorize it as.

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Also, since you can only type ten characters, that’s a bug.

The other one is two lines long.

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Really? It looks like one line.

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Oh, it’s one line.

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this is the longest
π’ˆ™ or U+12219

I did this to my class last year :smiley:
It was pretty funny

i did it in a gamenight a while ago

You played GKC for game night?

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it was before GKC, it was in a regular gamenight

What is GKC? Is it a game?

It stands for GimKit Creative.


Gimkit Creative.


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