Location Ideas for my game

As the title states I NEED IDEAS for my untitled goose game.

especially on location Ideas
I already have some locations
Spawn (Beach)
Thorn yard
then sewers
I don’t need a thumbnail
I just need ideas please help.

Image above is not my thumbnail I’m going to use.

I mean… some good locations that you can put the game in can be like an orchid or grassy plains… stuff like that…

Yeah but I think I should add something else.

Like somewhere public

Like… a city or a public park?

City Skyscraper

your on top of a sky scraper, and you can fall if you lean on the railings too much!

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Yes I do, but all the ones I did were public
Because the ones I said were MAIN Locations

Second idea: Local pond with park

meet other goose there, socialize or knock them out I guess… I don’t know lol, it’s a sandbox, right?

I mean It could work.

Yea, you can use zones. And if you for example, lean on the railway which is going into the tiny zone like 15 times, or even 20, the railings disappear. Or you can do a button which is lean on railway?

And then, if you just go, you will just respawn with a message, “The goose [player name] just fell off a tall skyscraper. I guess gooses can’t fly after all.”

btw the railway doesn’t have to be small, it can be big. To limit the zones to 4 if your doing all sides.

No, It’s not a sandbox.

I plan for it to be where you keep walking and doing puzzles to get to the end.
(Like the actual game)

Ohhhh ok. But you can do the local pond idea maybe still, I think. It shouldn’t affect the story line too much. (Maybe make it at the end there are angry goose if you attack them lol)

Could be like that
I could make a railway like you said but I also need to have a location after that

How about some peaceful locations? Like some that can be… side locations such as:

  1. The beach at sunrise
  2. A quiet library
  3. A hidden garden
  4. A peaceful forest
  5. A remote mountain peak
  6. An empty park
  7. A tranquil lake
  8. A cozy coffee shop
  9. A secluded meadow
  10. A serene riverbank
  11. A peaceful temple
  12. A calm countryside
  13. A soft sandy beach
  14. A quiet museum
  15. A peaceful spa
    Unless you want some crazy & busy ones:
    1: Town square
    2: City
    3: other idk

Wym? Like falling off the sky scraper?

Maybe it can just be city. There are stores there. (maybe even a PetSmart you can raid for food…)

Good Idea!
I could do that

Have greatly gave me some Ideas and I am going to use them
(I’m marking a solution on this)

Once again @leo_flowers @Txme_Lxss Thanks for Ideas!

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