Lobby Tutorial room Ideas

I’ve made this pre-game lobby for my game and I have the rooms built but I need ideas for one of them.
This is the room they spawn in:

The room to the left, which provides a tutorial of some basic game mechanics:

But I don’t know what to do with the room to the right (below). Should I put in some filler props or other tutorial-type things? If I take the latter, what should I put there?

Thank you for your help! :smiley:


you could add the computers like in One way out. How am i able to have a message on a computer like one way out - #2 by Haiasi

What is the game about? Maybe you can use some filler props kinda relating to the game

Edit: As @The_7th_Dragon also said, you could put some type of credits if you got any help on the game.


Filler props, you seem like the info is all there. Or a what the game is about, or credits

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Maybe if you add power ups to your game, and you can explain what the power ups would do in that room.

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Add some teleporters, just for fun.

This doesn’t work because they’re in the pre-game and can’t press buttons or interact with anything so I just need props

I do like how a lot more request for ideas are coming in, it brings the forum back to how it was.

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