Lobby ideas needed

Good afternoon! (or morning/night)
what should my lobby look like? My game is about zombies vs players.

Maybe have plants against other gimkit skin sentries?
In your lobby and a text device that saids zombies vs humans in rubik red letters?
And the terrain in the back, a 7by7 is a dark marble stone?

nice idea!

Cover things in a lot of dirt and moss.
And infected stuff and plants

I mean my game is called graveyard greed. Should I make the lobby a graveyard?

maybe, divide the lobby in half - one side looking futuristic, (the player’s side.) and the other side being abandoned and dirty (zombie side.)
i could draw a picture on what i mean if you’d like.

Lobby idea
  • Plants everywhere
  • sentrys vs human sentry skins
  • divide the side with one looking crusty and one looking robotic
  • make the lobby look rundown with dirt and moss and zombie parts
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adding more as people suggest ideas

Maybe a post apocalyptic like wasteland, with a bunker, and make it old and run down looking, with zappers on the ground or something, and barriers, and zombies, and skeletons.

But I think divide the side.

Maybe a a run down shack next to what I am assuming is the map/graveyard and then make a button that says “start shift” if it is that kinda game.

if your thinking about FNAF, its not that. my game is about the infected trying to infect the non-infected

i think @VWOOM means a graveyard shift, not the nightshift from FNaF.

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Yeah, as in a graveyard shift. I actually had not thoughts about FNAF for that.

well if you want lore that revolves around robots, plants/zombies and gims. how about the gims fought the plants/zombies and built robots to take care of the problem but heres where the story splits

one. all robots fail and the zombie/plants took over the world leaving surviving gims to fight them

two. all robots turn and are also infected by the plants/zombies and because of that there are now extremly powerful robots either with two shootes one being vines and the second one is they get defense and can spawn barrier when low health

so the lobby will be either be number three or four

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