List of tags to avoid in GKC forum

oh wow. That’s funny. The broken not to use tags.

I think we should not use the resolved tag. Marking a solution is just the same, if not better. EDIT: Nvm im stupid lol

The resolved tag was used before solutions were added


And sometimes is still used for when new users don’t know how to mark a solution or leave.


Can someone help me remove the wip from topics? I’m out of editing for 5 hrs.


Because we use it in titles now, not the tag, no one goes into the wip section. That’s the point of tags.

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I just REALLY wish more people would see this.



Hey, it’s useful. Will definitely help people out.

Wow, someone gotta reset the poll, I guess I’ll do it. It saids 15 people are editing.

NVM can’t change the poll. @twofoursixeight you should change the poll thing to the checkmark system.

Added this tag for the following reason:
art-request - Requests on thumbnail art. No longer allowed by the community.

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Hey, can someone do the checkmark-if-you-are-editing thing?

We don’t really need that, it’s highly unlikely to have two users editing at the same time at this point.

Good point.

Changed on the latest tag to avoid (on the bottom).

art-request will no longer be used due to the new category taking place (Art)


Wait what that’s a category. Oh no.

Reworded the latest tag on the bottom to correct grammar issues.

There is an debate tag? :sob: :sob:

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