Links For Hard Gimkit Maps Please!

I have found that all the recent gimkit platformer maps are either bad or easy. Most of the good and difficult ones are more hidden. I prefer Difficulty over quality.

Welcome to the forum, tumbles! i’ll give you some, but i’ll remind you that this isn’t what the forum is for. Help topics are for questions about building in gimkit creative.


  • Ascent of Mt. Snowy
  • @gimsolver’s one (link in his bio)
  • type eiqcrmeliutgwhc into discovery to get his: Never Look Down

those are some of my favorites!

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I don’t think links are allowed.

Gimkit Platformer is in beta, so it is only available to season ticket holders. Not all players have access to it currently.

The hardest gimkit creative platformer is “You’ll hate me for this”, by me. A link can be found on my profile under the website section if you want it.

: D
hardest for now

speaking of which you replied that right when i decided to go play it rn

time to roblock this

finding skips

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