Limiting Cash Help?

When someone scores a goal, I want the person who scores a goal to earn cash, but I want them not to earn cash even if they score after a certain number of goals. So I have to make the limit of earning cash. How can I do that ?

u can use an Inventory item manager to limit the amount of cash capacity. you can also use a counter with a player scope that increments when a goal is scored and when it reaches target value it activates a trigger that gets triggered when a goal is scored and it takes away the amount of cash that is given.


Okay, when the ball scores, it broadcasts on a channel that gives them money and increments a counter by one. Go to the counter, and set a target to how many goals you want until you stop. Once the target is reached, make it trigger. Once a goal is scored, the trigger will have to take away however much cash you have. Mark a solution, but do it for Kosm0-o as I just simplified what she said.


That’s basically what I was trying to say. Instead of when the counter reaches target value of x, trigger a trigger, I want it to activate a trigger. If the trigger is triggered and not activated then the trigger would be triggered once. Remember the trigger is wired in from the blastball goal zone.

Make an Inventory Item Manager and go into Behaviors
Set “Max Amount” to Yes and set the number to Whatever-you-want-the-max-amount-of-cash-to-be
Now go into the Item Granter that gives the cash and set “Grant Strategy” to Do Not Grant.


I don’t know how to make it trigger for cash. What do I use?

The trigger would be wired to an item granter. that item granter would grant the (-)cash. [trigger triggered → grant item]

But I don’t want it that way, let’s say they got 5 cash for 5 goals, then as they score more goals, they won’t get any more cash from where they scored that goal. In other words, the cash will not decrease as you score a goal after 5. It will remain the same.

Also what do I write in trigger?

I know, that’s what I said. if you looked at my first post in the topic it will have 2 cash granters. The first one grants the cash and the second one de-grants the cash. So they won’t lose nor gain any cash.

Okay, what should I write here? Will it remain blank?

yes it r3mains blank. unless you use channels but I use wires

OMG r3mains is not allowed! wut? who would use it for the d3ath version of the definition lol.

did you follow what I said in the first reply???

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No, I can’t limit the cash that low. Cash will be required throughout the game. So if I do that, they won’t get any cash above the number I wrote?

I probably I didn’t understand

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Why not use the system I suggested?

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OK! Time to format and go nerd mode!

x1 Trigger (deactivated on game start)
x1 ball capture zone
x1 Counter (Target value: amount of goals limit)
x2 item granters (item: cash) one of the item granters grants a certain amount of cash; the other grants negative of whatever the first item granter grants.

Wire the ball capture zone to the counter [ball enters zone → increment counter]. Wire the ball capture zone to the trigger [ball enters zone → trigger trigger]. Wire the ball capture zone to the first item granter [ball enters zone → grant item] Wire counter to trigger [counter reached target value → activate trigger]. wire the trigger to the second item granter [trigger triggered → grant item].

EDIT: I had to go on a walk and I’m so dum. You could honestly use harharharhar83’s system unless there is some special boundary in your game.


We all have our moments
I once forgot what player ids were and embarrassed myself in front of ClicClac at midnight…

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Unfortunately I don’t know what I did wrong but it doesn’t work.

it’s probably a your side problem. did you try '83s way?

I found the problem and it worked when I added 3 item granters.

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IIM’s should work. (inventory item managers)

By the way, why are the forums running so slowly?

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