Lights Out Guide (Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦 )

So pretty much all you do is put a barrier down and set the color to black

Now there is a transparent level it can be as low or high as you want if you want it to be dark or light
FInally you just put the collsion to be off of the barrier

This is a very short guide.

ik I made it so a freind would know what my pf was on the wix but thats off topic so I will not get into depeht of it

Hello. Do you know a way to extend this guide?
(I have also corrected your title.)

Lookk above

Hey! Good job on this guide, @anonymous12 !! Maybe try adding some photos of what it should look like?

ooooo u might have just given me a name idea for a game that i will probably never be able to make :frowning: but try and make ur guide longer with like pictures and all that so it dont get flagged

Yeah, @anonymous12, I suggest you elaborate on this idea. For example, how could you use a darker area in a game? How could you incorporate it so that it blinks (hint: repeaters)? I added a difficulty for you.

I have made this guide already, including a little more things than you.

I would recommend always checking the forums before you make a guide, because it may have already been made. You don’t need to do anything but make the guide have pictures and explain a little better


The forums can help you find the solution! If they can’t they will give you a alternative solution

Good start! Please improve this guide. Try adding images and being more specific about what to do with the barrier to achieve the effect of having the lights out. I’m unlisting this until you’ve made updates to make it more helpful for the community.

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