Lifecycle device bug?

I have this lifecycle, set to when player knocked out, connect to both a counter and a team switcher. The wire to the team switcher is (when event occurs => switch to configured team) and the wire to the counter is (when event occurs => increment counter).
When I connect the team switcher wire first, it switches me to the team but doesn’t increment the counter.
When I connect the counter wire first, it switches me to the team and increment the counter randomly from around 150-200 times???
Please help ):

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I dont know, use a wire repeater a delay the output signal

you can use - - > but no spaces for an hour. sorry, but, => makes my eyes hurt

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tried that, it does the same thing

maybe because team switcher causes respawn?

I think gimkit is bugging out right now. I was in a game previously, and once I knocked some out, it displayed a TON of knockout notifications, gave a TON of knockout sounds, and apparently I knocked them out 351 times at once :skull:. Probably will get fixed soon, so I suggest you wait this out and see…


that explains why the counter is incrementing so many times but it doesnt explain why when I connect the wire to the team switcher first it doesnt increment it. but ok hopefully they fix it soon

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This bug is now fixed! Thanks!