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I am trying to create a vending machine-like concept which for when you have enough cash to buy the level up, it gets rid of your common gun and gives an uncommon gun and have this keep going until all levels are max, but i want it so there is more than one vending machine, and to buy the next vending machine youll need to buy the first. how could i do this?

have the vending machine connected to 2 item granters- one that gives the player -1 of the common and one that gives the player 1 of the uncommon.

i am so sorry, i forgot to include the property thing. one sec, ill update it…

ah i see. There actually is a setting in the vending machine’s menu that uses block coding. Is that the direction you want to go? I’m asking so I know what kind of instructions you’re looking for.

yes, i just want a way that if you get/buy a certain amount of items youll “level up” and be able to buy higher priced things.

Ok. Give me a second to put together some blocks : )

Never mind. I was mistaken. The vending machine does not have a block code setting, but it does have a transmit on channel setting, so we’ll connect that to a trigger.

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sorry, but this was not what i was really leaning into

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Use this but for vending machines, make the broadcast message on channel block grant and remove an item from an item granter.

Make the second one deactivated on game start?

Ill work with this

quick ques, How could I talk to the devs of the forums? i want to get my brother unbanned and i dont know how.

you can make the first vending machine activate the second when purchased and make them transmit on channel to delete their original weapon

click the more with three dots, go to groups and message the mods.
its their choice though and dont force it.

The trigger code should be something like this, with each channel corresponding to a diff item granter

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I like them both! WHAT COULD I MARK AS A SOLUTION?!?!?!?!

Your choice.
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