Lets talk about the gims on gimkit

can we just talk about the gims or any ideas for future gims. (gims are skins if u dont know)

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This forum is for gimkit creative

you can go do that on discord or smthn

sorry about that this is my first time

What you posted is kind of off topic but
Welcome to the Fourms @Blastbro

thank you this is my first day on here

I know…
Everybody has their moments
when they post or reply for the first time.

ayy welcome to the forums!! this is off topic yeah bbut i would love to see a dragon gim. but this isnt for the forums so :[

sadly it isnt for the forums :frowning:

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yeah you might get flagged for this if you do it again but its okay since your new :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just Learn From Your Mistakes

please mark a solution

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