Let Players use their own Kit in your GimKit Creative map

I’m trying to make a Creative Map, and I placed down a questioner to give you energy. I want the players to be able to choose their own kit. Discovery recently launched, and I saw some kits with the same thing. I don’t know how to do that though. Can anyone tell me how?

do you use a questioner in your game?

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You just need the questioner and it does the rest of it for you.

There’s a setting in the map options for that (I think?)

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There is?

I thought I remember in the change log seeing a setting in map options that allows you to select if a player gets to choose their kit.

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Ok, let me try that.

I can’t believe I forgot by the way, welcome to the community! Just so you know, this post fits more as a help post not a device post.

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I haven’t poked around in the map options for a while, but what I’m seeing is that question sets are always use your own kit.

I checked in the map options and there’s no option for selecting your own kit.

Never mind, it doesn’t seem to say that it’s optional to turn that on in the changelog.It will be nice if that’s a feature.

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I’ve seen this option on other maps in Discovery.

Yeah. Some people have guides for passwords using that.

I put a questioner down that gives you energy, but there’s no option for players to choose their own kit. Should I leave the kit link area empty?

Yeah maybe when you publish it you get the option for that

But I don’t want to publish it and realize it doesn’t work.
Also, if you publish a map, can you edit the map after, and if you can, does your published map also change?

You can change it, and in the publish menu, there’s an option to update the map.

Oh phew. I was so worried for a second.
Can you update it as many times as you want, or can you only update it a certain amount of times?

As many times as you want, whenever you want, and there’s no cost to update your map.

Ok. Thanks! This will be super helpful to me.

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