Leaderboard Time Score?

Trying to make a map but I want the leader board to keep track of how much they lasted. Any idea on how to do this?

“Use a counter and repeater hooked up to a property with the leaderboard set to tracking. Then use a KO manager to to stop the counter when they die. (There may be a simpler solution I don’t use leaderboard much)”

“quoted from @Apoll02

that or

" yes, connect a lifecycle to a relay (all players), and that relay to a trigger repeater clock. Connect the trigger to a counter, and make sure the trigger has a delay of 1. The counter should also update a property (scope player, type number ).Make the wire from the trigger to the counter increment the counter when triggered. Now place a ko manager and wire it to the trigger so that a player is ko’ed, - deactivate trigger. Now go into map options and go into the score section. Make the score track the property the counter is updating."

“quoted from @Vortex-Mist

Can you clarify the first solution? Confused on the wiring.

use a channel to each of the devices, wiring is not needed. Example: “Leaderboard” and put that as the “activate when recieved on” for each device.

I still don’t get it sorry, if possible can you send pictures?

Sure, one moment.

Connect a Lifecycle (game start) to a Repeater which is connected to a counter-linked property (the repeater increments it)
Now, connect a Lifecycle (Player Knocked Out) to the repeater to stop it.
I’m on mobile right now but I can go on computer if you need a walkthrough.

Getting the photos now, so no need Haiasi.

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If this is correct, which i believe so.

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does not work i did all the steps

No, it should work.
Let me explain.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Repeater) Start Repeater

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task —> (Counter) Increment Counter

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Repeater) Stop Repeater

It’ll increase the property “time” each second and stop once a player is knocked out.
Both the property and counter is player-scoped.

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i mean it doesn’t show on the leader board.

It works on my end, it goes up by one, so why is it not working?

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You have to go to the map options, go to score, and put that property in.

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ohh ok it should probably work

I forgot to mension that, my apologies @Darkz341.

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I set the leaderboard to that already, so what you said works, i was confused on how it was not for dark.

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