Leaderboard shows up in Edit Mode

This happens when you’re the only one playing the game and you have no more health. It’ll end the game, but if you click “restore map”, the leaderboard will show up.

Maybe this helps?
Or refreshing?


GimSolver, that is also a bug post on how to cause the bug.

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Probably you reacted too quickly. When you end a game, the leaderboard pops up, right? So when you clicked on Restore Map, it was confused. Try reloading your page and reporting this bug to the mods at hello@gimkit.com

When you tried to click off of it, did it let you?
(I also see a close the popup button on the top right corner, you could have clicked on that)

No, its a whole other bug, not the game being confused. You can click off of it fine, its just interesting.