Leaderboard Overlay?

Can you make a game overlay where you can see the leader board, but game players don’t have to click the button, it just is there

you can create your own leaderboard in an overlay if that’s what you’re asking.

Overlays are single lines, so such an overlay wouldn’t be the most efficient. If you’re going to do this, I’d recommend only showing the top 3 or so players. But yes, you can do it.

what type of the game overlay would it be?
sorry, I don’t really know this stuff

You would use a text overlay. In block code, you would set the overlay’s text to the names of the top players.

blackhole, may I ask how long you’ve been coding? js wondering. feel free to ignore!

same here.
what would you put down?

7 years.

I don’t know how you personally are determining which player is in first, but do “set overlay text ( player name )” to set the overlay text.

Do you also need to know how to find which player has the highest score, or do you have that covered?

what? 7 years???
I didn’t have the patience span at that age lol
anyways I’ll stop

yeah, I’ll need help with that too

Sure, but gimmie a second, I’m grabbing Chick-fil-A lol


I’m kind of short on time, can you get back to me later with the code if not in the next five minutes =)

Place a property called highest score (number)
Place a property called highest name (text)
Uh… if you have a property that is player scoped and contains all the scores, relay on all players and run the following code:

if get property (score) > get property (highest score):
set property (highest score) to (score)
set property (highest name) to (get triggering player’s name)

That will set highest name to whoever had the highest score
That’s the best I can do at high speed

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i forgot to mention that it is for highest team, but I will replace player blocks with team blocks =)

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