Leaderboard issue

So right now, in my game, if the prop is destroyed it adds points for that teams leaderboard (I’m using the property), and the players cant respawn anymore and if they die, they go into spectate. So I was testing my game, and (my counter’s target is 4, to end the game I have other wiring and stuff) one of the teams scored 1 point, but the other got 3, the team with one point prop they had to protect broke, so eventually the whole team died and they were all in spectate mode, and the team with 3 points won, but somereason the team that lost were removed from the leaderboard, does anyone know how to fix this?

the spectators arnt actually part of the game

so when they they leave they get removed from the leaderboard

so when the team is in spectate (bc their prop they had to protect was broken) they are removed from the leaderboard

You would have to tp them to a small room instead of setting them to spectator, or just use an end of game widget to display who won

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yea @bluebird291 thats how it is

yea just mark him as a solution

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alright then… i will try tht

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