Leaderboard granting

Is there a way for you to get an item if your score on the leaderboard is the highest? Also, can you reset a leaderboard?

A) You would have to individually track the score of each player and compare them globally
B) No, but you can reset the value of the property that controls score

How could I individually track the score?

Use a player scoped property. It’s REALLY complicated to compare the same property but the values for different players.

Oh I have an idea. I could make a property that tracks the number of knockouts the player has gotten and then give them an item if it’s the highest.

But if I wanted it so only two people can play what do I do?

Do you mean only 2 players in the entire game?

Get the triggering players team number.

If its greater than 2, do something that takes them out of the equation. (Spectator, teleported to a seperate area, etc.)

It would be the same for the case of only 2 players if you use my idea. I’ll post it later though.

So would use a lifecycle and a trigger Event occurs 🠂 Trigger. Then, code the trigger to check the players team number and if it’s greater than 2 then send them to spectator? How would I change it so two players are on one team and if someone is on team two they are a spectator? What would I change in map options?

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is it possible though

Yes. It’s definitely possible or my voting guide wouldn’t have worked.