Layering Land Help

I’ve seen layered art before and i decided to try them. It looked great on the first time, but now:

It doesn’t even look like layered art.

Is there anything to make it look like that?

like in what way?

I have little experiance with this but I think you have to come from an angle:

so make the dirt only be on 2 connecting sides…

do you want it to look like this in a sense?


Yeah, but not too much dirt.

oh then your going for a 3-d look?


Like this?

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no you only want it on the BOTTOM of the land mass



I’m getting confused.

just do the dirt on the bottom

its easy once you get the hang of it


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what is that?!

assuming you are coming from a weird angle… that is normal…

mhm i suppose so…

Like this:


Yes exactly!!

if you show a weird example, and then explain the general idea, the learner learns from more angles and gets the bigger picture. but if you show a common example and then explain the general idea, the learner usually just learns the standard form, not the general idea.