Layered sentries problamo

hey so if I layer a sentry under props it won’t go under it sometimes, is there a way to make this not happening?

Try Refreshing.
Also, recheck your layers.
Layers can reset themselves sometimes.
Can you show me a picture of your layering setting and the sentry and prop?

one sec…

Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 8.00.37 PM

the layering on this sentry is below the props…

this happens to me all the time…

Also, layers are REALLY gimmicky so you may just need to work around it a bit. Sometimes if it’s at a certain point on the vertical axis it’ll be below, sometimes above. If nothing else works, just keep checking.


And your layering settings?
Recheck them to see if they reset themselves, they might do that sometimes.
Also, how were you able to do this?

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this is so weird, when I start the game it goes over it…

that was while I was in editing… lol

because it works for editing mode for some reasons?!?!?!

but then when I start game it goes right over it

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Maybe Try Putting The Alien Plant On The Above Layer


lemme try that

wow, ok, that makes no sense, putting the props on above layer works!

thanks so much @Chris10 , and everyone who helped!

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The sentry might’ve reset it’s layer when you ended the game.
Layers can freeze your screen sometimes, that’s why they can reset themselves.


No Problem Bro, You Helped Me So I Help You

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