Layer Menu Bugs

  1. So, I was trying to make a sign, but when I went to layers to fix it, the pole part wouldn’t move down. It was like the button for that to move down was disabled, so I just moved the actual sign part up. Still annoying though.
  2. What’s the map options doing here? Also this is NOT edited. And yes, there is another post for this, but I don’t want to necropost here (if that exists).

    Mountains blink? Also, this is what happens when you click on it:

    0 memory? Also, this is NOT photoshopped because I can’t and won’t photoshop so I can be trustworthy.

Yeah, I’ve had this too. I think it’s just a bug that needs to be reported.

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try moving map options to above, that would be interesting

huh, it doesn’t seem to… change anything… it’s just… the SAME???

anyways yeah, this seems to just have to be reported (wonder why bushenburg didn’t have the same results as me)

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