(LAST CHANCE) Thumbnail for War Forge

This is the last chance for War forge thumbnail for this week.
i may not always be online :confused:
Show me your thumbnail; its voting start making thumbnails.

Dude, just post this on the padlet.

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More people stay in the community too.

What now?

Well, you can make a thumbnail for war forge…

What is war forge…

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This whole topic can be in the padlet.
And what did you mean by

Tank game, you can be ship, tank, ground, or the best, Airreal unit.

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@WhiteGod what are you even trying to do?

I’m so confused

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ur j0in code is now public

srry just a mistake i removed it.

s’ok idrc about the rules abt it
i just dont want someone to come and trash your game

what do you mean? @Foxy?


do you think of editing the name a bit? If I’d ask don’t want to be rude.

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Isn’t thumbnails not aloud apparently?

Is they more you want to add to it like tag the names under the characters.?

Huh wdym…