Laser that only one person can got through

I need help with a laser that only one person can got through

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uumm idk i thing other people can help

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How do you choose which player can go through the laser?

What you are going to want to do is, place a button at the start that is wired to a team switcher, which switches someone to a certain team, then you are going to want to have a door, i use barrier. You then need to place a relay and a life cycle, on life cycle make it to where it says event listens for when game starts. Wire the life cycle to the relay and make it so where the relay has “all players on a specific team” selected. set the team to whoever you want to be able to go through the door and wire the relay to the door.

Replace the barriers with lasers.

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Give an item to that one player

Put zone in front of laser

if player enter zone check for that item

if check fails do nothing

if check passes teleport them in front of laser. Repeat for the other side. If needed, try to make the teleporting as precise as possible.

“got” not got its go. make it so there is a zone behind the laser which activate when player step on idk what I’m saying-

That would take up way too much memory depending on the size of the safe zone