Laser Tag Plot Ideas?

So, I’m making a laser tag-style game but I wanted it to have some kind of plot. This will also help with any decor I do.

make there be a secret hiding spot that leads to some gimkit lore

OOO yea! Thanks for the idea!

Maybe go with gimkit forums lore an extension of the official Vortex v Echo lore?

oh, that would be awesome @ClicClac

Mk, sounds neat! Thx

You are trying to beat your friends at later tag at Ali-DaWolf Birthday Party

maybe a broken down and abandoned laser tag place that the gims decided to use for a match of laser tag but when one gim when missing, they wondered “whats out there?”

Thanks for all the ideas!

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A lore idea: A real war is going on, but a person cast a spell, making it a laser tag war.