Laser not lasering correctly

It only happens on my second and fourth laser, they do alternate, and yes I have reloaded the game

What are the steps to reproduce this issue?

So I have made a 5 laser alternating little thing, like owo, and every 2nd and 4th laser just don’t kill the player, they are set to the max damage, and when I deleted them an accident and put them back in, it didn’t work, and the 1st, 3rd, and 5th one work, just the 2 don’t work

Thanks for the feedback. Now wait and see if others can reproduce this issue.

ok, I have seen other posts like this, but I don’t think it was this issue

Do you have damage on?

Yes, I will send a link on the Wix later

I would rerase that to “Lasers Not Working” nvm.

no i think it’s funny

but let’s stay on topic


Is this still not working?

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Do you mean you use lasers alternating on and off or the bug can be reproduced different times?

They alternate off and on, and I assume it can be remade

It sounds like you have a time trigger on them.

Yes I do, I will send a picture of the devices

My lasers aren’t dealing damage either.

This is probable another update bug. The 100+ props come out tomorrow, and thats a lot to add so many bugs are happening and will continue to happen.

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It was for my quest I’m making, I started in the middle for some reason :sweat_smile:

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