Land shape problem

Does this look like this land is shaped like a gun?

Kind of, now that you say it but I think you should use a barrier as an outline or add some props as parts of a [word]

I was asking for this because if it really was shaped like that then i have to reshape it (since gimkit will ban you if it’s shaped like that)

oh yeah, did you mean for the land to be shaped like that? from a normal player’s perspective, it doesnt really look like [word]

yeah. until you mention it, i definitely wouldn’t have recognized what it kind of looks like.

yeah i dont think it looks like it

I don’t think they will do that for such a minor detail in a map.

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I don’t see it. How does it look like a (thingy)?

that does not look like a g un

It looks like a forbidden broken Poptart, It looks normal.

also, can I eat it?

if you’re worried that someone is going to report your map, you are worrying for nothing. I do think that this part is too boxy tho…