Lab Escape lobby idea

Hello there i am trying to make a lab escape lobby but i dont have ant idea on how to do it if yall have any ideas i will be reading them

Have you already set the Spawn Point settings to pre-game?

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yes i have done it and that is how i got so far

So in all of my games I use black barriers with a low opacity to show the rules, just like I the real games.

basically my map is about si-fi and a bit of horror and yeah putting black barriers with low opacity to show the rules is a very good idea

Great! I look forward to playing your map.

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alright thanks! :grin: i will try to get it finished by the end of next month

Pieces of paper with numbers for the code. You can use triggers to change the inputted number, and blocks to see if the number is right. Or some other puzzle with numbers,
e = 1,
w = 2,

qwe is the code

So the players enter 321

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that is a great idea

hmm, for a lobby…

add instructions:
this saves time for players

Add props that fit the theme:
this shows the player what the game is about and is usually fun
-you can make them “float” by putting tinted ceramic plates under them to make shadows
-put up chalkboards, and use text to write equations on them

Finally, add teleporters, these are the only interactive device that work in the lobby, so add those…

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