KO manager does not work!

It says player and when there knocked out guess what happens

it should show this

with showing in the middle of it

Lifecycle is what you should use. It has “Player Knocked Out.” The “KO Manager” is for like drop chances on a specific thing like a Player or a Sentry.

Okay thanks but Its still a bug right

No, it’s not a bug but I won’t flag you (Not like I can flag you anyways)

Why would this be flagged or even considered being flagged?
Someone is just asking for help.

moving this to help as it’s not a bug

i’m just mad right now, okay?

Maybe about what?

Someone asking for help?

especially how I didn’t even read a godmode forum and I was blamed for “duplicating” the forum.

Try using a lifecycle istead, i dunno why, but ko managers are just not reliable

Yea I’ll just mark a solution and end this topic

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