Knockback lag lag

This the laggiest game I did with 10 people and I was playing ping pong and then got glitched.


More info, please.

This isnt GKC related, please remove the post before you get flagged.

If it really is a bug, more information is needed.

You mean stuck between two players attacking? That is normal.

yes it is its the new game mode it is knockback

the game is called knockback

it glitches you through when people spam I was at 660 and I was teleporting through the map

It is new, so don’t expect it to be perfect. Mark a solution to close this topic, as it is not needed.

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Speaking of new, welcome to the forums, @Dragonite! Enjoy your time! Just please don’t be off topic and don’t be rude. Check the community guidelines for more info!

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