Knockback in gimkit

I was wondering if you can do knockback with weapons. Any tips?

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There’s no knockback in Gimkit. (Yet hopefully). You could make it, but you’d use up all your memory and it wouldn’t take up much of the map, so it’s kind of a waste.

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Not possible yet but u could probably recommend it on Nolt if it is not all ready there.

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Here’s the link I think that’s be cool to add.

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they need to add the knockback weapon to creative

They have the new game mode with knockback, they might add it to creative soon.
By the way, welcome @Travis

Welcome @Travis to the crazy place they call the forums! Please stay on-topic and note that they will add that stuff to creative if they can figure out the whole change in physics.

This is what the brand new mode is called.

The pixelator hasn’t been added yet though.

I feel like Josh forgot to put that in updates oh well at least we have a new gamemode I just wonder if it in gkc now?

It’s not in updates since its not a GKC update.

Josh still brought updates with or without them being about gkc

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