Kits has turned into pure slop

Kits have become absolutely awful and it’s crazy that nobody is talking about this.
Everytime you search up ANY kit “logos, video games, movies, ETC” it gives you a random pile of kits. And they don’t care at all about the quality of the kits at all.

FOR EXAMPLE: This is the most popular kit for “Video Games”.
“am i smart”
yes, nah, no, ummm

“Is roblox a good game”
yes, nah, no, ummm

“is fortnite a good game?”
probably, no, nah, chicken,

“is minecraft a good game?”
nope no way, yes, maybe, probably,

This is just an example. These questions are pure slop, absolutely awful and random questions that could be put together in 2 minutes

The weirdest thing is that the search results were never this bad. You would actually get simple and fun kits that you could play in a classroom or for fun, not some random 10 year old asking you to guess his opinions on certain video games

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is people just straight up stealing other kits and publishing them. The copy feature needs to be removed because of stuff like this, besides, why did they even have that feature in the first place??

I hope somebody can fix the quality of the search results, because I have absolutely no clue what happened to them


yeah so… this is not about gkc and these are the Gimkit CREATIVE forums so this is off topic (but I see what you mean)

Totally agree. Ngl at my school people only play gimkit for the fun game modes and use the “all the same” kit (Witch has like 5 different copies).

really hoping this doesn’t turn out like the temmie topic

A: wrong place to post this
B: I’m pretty sure the kit search engine could use improvements, but it’s honestly not that bad.
C: Whenever I search up stuff (AP Gov practice questions, for example) I find it.


well the reason being is that gimkit has turned from a majority of people only using it for school to people using it just for gaming and having fun with freinds so they make simple kits, like mine is the most random questions and there all right,

like is cearle a soup and its either of yes or no there both right (but we all know its no becuase it requires vegtables and a source of protien) and splatoon 3 questions that are all correct, or are you worth something, really its all random just so i can play with freinds not having to think about the only mechanic that causes you to think

it might be a great nolt suggtion to add something makes it so you don’t answer questions (but then that would atract more non learners) (and im banned i really don’t care)

I know this is off topic but which grade are you in?

Yeah, I haven’t had too many issues with it. So long as I’m specific enough, it’ll work