Kit Creator - Portable Keyboard Chat - [DON'T REPLY]

Hey guys! Do you know if there is blockcode to detect an answer? If so, I have the revolutionary idea to make a portable keyboard chat.

what do you mean “detect an answer”?

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like detect if a certain answer is clicked.

no, not like that. I mean like if a certain answer is typed by keyboard input.

Nope. We currently do not have that in GKC.

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I think there might, but thank you! @Haiasi any ideas?

I thought you meant a button (the device) press on a keyboard made with gkc, but it is not currently possible to link keybinds with actions like in your previous post.
The only keybind you can detect is enter, but not over the whole map scale, just from a button click. (The device)

Sadly not that I know of I wish there was though…though do you mean like in roblox? like to type in something and it will put it at top of players screen?

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actually, pressing keys might also be an option, like at a certain moment, if you press the / key you can start checking for other keys pressed. Is that possible?

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no, like a portable chat! “Kit Creator - Portable Keyboard Chat - Help with a device”

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okay i understand but stick to my earlier comment…i have no clue


Maybe add a game overlay that connects to a popup with letter options to click on letters. Not sure how to make it actually type a message, but maybe you can figure it out or give me a couple of weeks and I will figure it out.

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I have sort of an idea, but the popup idea has been considered, and it is too much and it isn’t as portable as you think

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LOL likes comment that I have no clue!




Maybe a questioner? But that wouldn’t be portable though

No, this is why I asked the question for that device.

Yes it would be, because you can have the game overlay connect to the questioner: When button clicked, open question answering sscreen.

Overlay button.