Kinda discouraged:(

i love making gimkit creative, but its just not hitting the same i need a map my teachers can use, everyone at a time can play, (not like chess or something), it cant be similar to any existing gamemodes, you can win #1, I can make with my level of stupidity, and not very common (looking at you, battle royale) ima answer some questions and let this stay and please dont throw out a random idea

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Tycoon, clicker game, racing game, escape room, among us…or…battle royale with classes and teamed?

what about among us; Mira? me and @margimkitcreator are almost finished with it and i have alrady made 3 working task. so if yo want to wait a little bit i can give you the code to host it on the wix.

A game where you race your character to the finish line before everyone else by using arrow keys.

so like track, you could make gimlipics, the olimpics for gimkit

ok give me it I’m on

ok I’ll stop @twofoursixeight

GIMLIMPICS YES I WILL and wolf whenever i am done making the map i will need assisense on the mechanics for my FISHMONGUS

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Maybe a cooperative Farmtopia?

i dont think i can do that…

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Farming and fishing is actually fairly easy. You can find multiple simplified guides for each.

thank you but

Oh, sorry. I thought that said can.

(I can’t read I guess)

Maybe make:

  • Archery-style game
  • Racing
  • Last man standing
  • Carnival
  • Penalty Shooter

how would archery work?

You could try using animation, checkers, and weapons. I had an idea for another way, but I forgot. I’ll tell you if I remember.

you can have a snowbrawl map. It is super simple and fun. If you want some more info, check this link out.[📢] PSA! Making Your Maps More Interesting

I guess no snowbrawl.

maybe a battle royale type of map

or you could do among us map