Keycard checker revived again

ok so how to make a keycard gadget remove the amount of keycards needed to activate the gate if i have that amount and i actviate the gate i loose that amount of keycards?

Use checkers to make sure all conditions are met then either remove all types of keycards through negative item granters or by IIM’s and use the remove from inventory feature

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llm? negative item granters?

An inventory item manager,
An item granter that gives a negative amount

Both can remove things from the inventory

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pictures please?? :thinking: bc i do not get it

Im on mobile so I can’t get pictures right now. What are you having trouble understanding?

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how to make that happen

Do you know how to store the amount of each keycard into a property?

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no i do not know how to

Place down an IIM and a Property (from devices) for each keycard you need to open the door. Have the IIM track that specific keycard. Now name each property based on the keycard it needs to track. Make sure all the properties are numbers instead of text. Go to the properties tab in the IIM and connect it to its respective property.

Make a checker for each type of keycard. Now make a button to open the door. The button should be wired to a checker and then that checker to the next (on true) and so on until you het to the last one. Each checker should check to see if the amount of that keycard is greater than the amount you want. Once all those checks pass wire the last checker to a series of item granters. Make each of those grant a negative amount equal to the amount you checked for. After all this is done then you just need to wire or channel it to your whatever opens your door.

If you have any questions just send a screenshot shot and ask me here.

IIm?!what is this? what is an IIM

vending machine can help- make it invisible and let stock funds. Thats how they were doing it in one way out


Its a device. It abbreviates into IIM

@qfw i totally forgot ab that

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breh its okay :stuck_out_tongue:

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just please give me pictures this is a cinfusing thing

First, place your checker next to the gate. Set the check to be the amount of keycards needed. (I used 2 green keycards, but you can change that to be whatever you want)

Next, wire the checker to the gate (assuming you want the gate to disappear after the check passes)

And next, place an item granter device. You can put use a negative amount to make it take away that amount of items.

Finally, wire the item granter to the checker.

I hope this helps!

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i will see :smiley: :smile: hopefully it works

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Make a barrier and an invisible vending machine
then put the vending machine behind the barrier