Key cards needed to pass

i am reviving the topic How can i make a door that you need a key card to opean because i wan to know how do i even make the keycard unlock the little gagetes that look like this i do not care who opeans it i just want to know how to make them work

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make a button, hide the button. when button pressed → run check. Make the checker check for the key. If check pass → hide prop. (The prop is the gate)

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Could you change this to Help?

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please include picture

Yeah, but you could use a vending machine with stock to save memory. It also allows for multiple players to use it and fund.

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Screenshot 2024-05-24 17.56.57

On the last one, change the Gate console that is being hidden, to whatever you want disappeared.


ok really helpfull thanks so much @TaigaBiome one more thing how to make the gate turn to a green one than move aside a little bit?


like where it vanishes the orange one replaces it with the green one and removes the barrier in the way?

You can do the same thing if you want the orange one to disappear and replace it with a green one. Wire the checker to the orange one. Check passes > hide prop. Have a green one in the spot you want it to appear in. Set the visible when game starts to say no. And wire the checker to the green one. Check passes > show prop.

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When prop didden, show prop, or smth like that.

Did you search this topic before asking for help? I know there are definitely many guides on this subject.

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