Just testing something don't flag me or anything its gonna be deleted soon




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I won’t flag but great character!

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thanks bro I tryna get a badge and it had something to do with wiki so

The wiki badge is given when you edit a wiki.

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The best way to get this is finding an art guide with a few different parts, and putting your own in there!

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This forum isn’t for badge farming. It’s to help people. Isn’t that enough of a badge to you?

why in the world does this post have wiki

  1. Bro, badge grinding does nothing, it just psychologically tricks your brain feeds yourself ego that your cool, (no offense) :skull:
  2. Wikis can only be made by regulars.
  3. Agreed Wingwave, I removed the wiki tag.

@NoTimeToBleedQQ can you mark a solution to this post so it closes?


is that why nobody can find the guide on getting all the badge?

also sorry wingwave I’ma not speak anymore.

There is no need for a guide, there’s always the badge description.

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im not trying to badge grind i just want the badge :frowning: y everyone so mean :frowning:

I actually forgot that was a thing. LOL

everyone not we just trying to tell you that the forum doesn’t allow badge farming but if u want to get a badge I mean nobody can stop you from getting the badge as long as it doesn’t disrupt or go against people or bother people/rules
but still if u want to get the badge


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