Just for information, is the "When game starts" thing in descriptions of devices when you respawn/spawn, and not when the game FIRST starts?

In device descriptions, some say “when the game starts” like the starting inventory device, and I’m a bit confused on whether that’s:
A: When the game FIRST STARTS or
B: When you respawn/spawn?
I think it’s B because I use a starting inventory, trying to make it so when you respawn you lose 1 of an item (blackberry), and yet when the game starts I still have 3 blackberries instead of one blackberry being taken away, and it’s messing up my life system! Please help.

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Welcome to the forums @oogabooga1 !

Welcome @oogabooga1!!!

When the game starts!
(starting inventory is the items you have when the game starts i think)

okay but respawning is also a game start, is it when the game FIRST starts, like, when you press the play button, or when you respawn after dying?

Game start is when you press play

Like if you have a game where you can get knocked out you can use a knockout manager to connect to a respawn and then a item granter (set amount granted to - to take away items) so when you get knocked out you respawn and a specific amount of a item is taken away

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Any questions or did it work?

i’m gonna try it, it might JUST MIGHT, work.

Screenshot 2024-03-30 4.18.19 PM when i first started game
Screenshot 2024-03-30 4.18.54 PM after i died…
dang, didn’t work.

Wait so you want the starting inventory to do what?

only give 3 blackberries when the game starts (when i press “start game”) and not when i respawn after getting sentried

wait dont use a respawner just connect the knockout manager to the item granter

ok imma try that, it might work this time

But you had the some amount, are you taking the berries away when the player dies?

ye it didnt work when i tried to do it imma try to change some stuff

yeah, code = not work for me.

trying to take berries away, but it won’t at all.

same but its weird because it should work but it wont take away anything

YES it worked i used a different method tho (i used a life cycle to track player knock outs)
Might be a bug with the knockout thing but may just be some wrong logic on my side