Just a question... Can you make it so popups like "Interact" don't appear?

Im making an escape room like gimkik but I want to hide a button by making it invisible which I already made it invisible but I just wish the popup saying “Interact” would disappear or like lower the radius to where somebody can see it

If you click the button there is a small button at the very bottom left of the edit screen that says change size click that and drag the white square on the OUTSIDE that will change the radius the player has to be in for the text to show

yeah, remove the call to action in the call to action section of the pop up settings!

I think he means the button device?

oh, the title said pop up so… anyways i have to go

ye its a button device lol. i think by popup he meant the popup to interact with the button

Yeah I mean the button but when your near it, it shows a popup

I’ll show you the picture

the change size button is in the bottom left corner of your screen when you’re in the button modifications

Sorry if my handwritings horrible I’m on a ipad

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yeah but the button is invisible its the purple square that appears when your near the button which ruins the point of not seeing it I want this to not appear:

Screenshot 2024-05-06 6.50.56 PM

Basically drag the inner white square so the button is just barely smaller than the blue circle

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Wait do you want to make the purple square invis or make it appear when your closer to the button than usual


if you want it to disappear use a trigger instead or maybe a zone if that works for you

if I can I want the purple square gone if possible but if not than the other

alright than I’ll do that thank you

either use an alternate device or change the button radius that’s the best you can get :smile:

Cuz you can’t make the purple square gone (I don’t think so but I could be wrong) but if you make the blue circle just barely bigger than the button itself than you could “shorten” the distance a player needs to be next to it


Thank you all for answering so quickly I Can now go on making my gimkit

Why not just deactivate the button?