Just a Friendly Fishtopia Bug

If you run right up to the Lucky Lake ticket purchase and you buy it right when it shows up, you will automatically buy it.

(just something cool I found)


So speedruns will be faster, if I’m not mistaken.


When is the earliest you can do this? I might just set a new Gimfish Any%…

I don’t know, but I think that it may work with all ticket purchases.


ok, i’ll try it then



(btw look at this everyone

Got this entire week’s worth of xp!
@blubpiemon now you’ve seen a 16)

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wait, i thought the xp thing was bugged

(also did you notice there is shadows below the new gim designs)

I think that buying the ticket changes the fishing system RNG. It might have changed, but two years ago, me and my friend were playing Fishtopia. I was host, and teleported over to him in Cosmic Cove to fish. However, I could only fish basic things. (Grey/Green fish). Just keep this in mind.

I know, it only works sometimes.

Yeah, I used that for Lucky Lake. It did the same thing.

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What do you mean by right when it shows up?

Right when the button you can click on to purchase it shows up on the screen.

Do i need the money for it or is it free

In the game, it costs $1,000.

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but with this glitch it is?

No, it still costs $1,000 (sadly).

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Should I buy the Sunny Gim?

  • Yes, buy Sunny
  • No, save up
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(for @little!)

btw last post for today bye!


Sunny was great but got ruined by the design change (in my opinion)


you should save up because there might be better gims than that (or buy striperson)

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