"Joining as Player, Spectator" button

How do i make the “Joining as player, Spectator” button, and when they click ANOTHER version of the button (device named button, not game overlay), then what they chose (ex. Spectator) will happen?

what, I don’t understand…

Okay, let me replicate this:

You’ll see that game overlay button (if you’re the host) in the lobby. I also want it to show up in the game so when they press the GREEN button, then they will j0in as which person they want to be.

well, it won’t work in pregame, but in-game, for a button, you could wire the button to a team switcher.

Just saying, you can’t change from Spectator to Player in game

Ok, do this:
Have a button in the game, in a small room you spawn in. Have two choice buttons, one says “J0in as Spectator”, and one says “J0in as Player”. Make the JAP button teleport you to the main game, and make the JAS turn you into a Spectator with a Team Switcher.

I don’t think yall get it (sorry if i’m wrong) due to the lack of description. I don’t know how to explain more, but i do have more explaination because of this game:


(THIS ISN’T MY GAME, SO PLEASE JUST DON’T SAY IT’S ADVERTISING) (also remove the dash on gimkit)

And when you start the game, the host gets teleported to a room, just like what you said. But, in the bottom right corner, when you click on it, it goes to “j0ining as spectator” and if it’s like that, you could click on it again and it’l turn back to “j0ining as player”

You typed it wrong. You added dash. Change it.

Make another button at the corner of the room. I mean a BUTTON BUTTON. Make it so that it says “Confirm?”. When clicked, have a property TYPE OF PLAYER be if you are spectator or player. If Player → Teleport to the main game. If “Spectator” → Spectator.

I did that on purpose, because it wouldn’t let me post the link.

I gtg now. Might pop in once in a while

it was made by torontobulls, who is on the forums.
Calling for @TorontoBulls1


First of all thanks for playing my game.

Heres how to replicate it without blocks.

Get two overlays both buttons and not active on gamr start. One should say j0ining as player the other should say J0ining as spectator. They should both broadcast on Switch J0in Status when clicked. Wire them to open each other when clicked. Switch J0in Status should increase a counter. The counter should have a target of two that broadcasts on channel to reset itself. This effectively toggles between 0 and 1. To check this have the counter update a number property called J0in Status. When your game starts have it run a check with a checker. If the property J0in Status is 1 switch the host to a spectator. I might be able to send pictures later but not right now.


Just while your online, I found this really cool website that pretty much allows you to create a pixel array out of symbols based upon an image. This is the closest to custom images we have but could possibly be abused.

Here it is


Should I publish a guide on it, have it added to an art wiki, or just forget about it due to the state of the forums.

if anything, we need it if we want to improve the current state, but why did you say while I’m online, did I ask for this before (not tryna be rude)

I just respect regulars and your pretty art oriented unlike getrithekid or apollo. (It didn’t come across as rude)

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Well, Thank You! I can’t remember the last time I received a compliment as nice as that one on the forums.i dum, what’s oriented mean?

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Like the position of something

Np. Thanks personally it always feels special to get complimented so I try to make other people feel that way.

Mark twain once said - “ I can live for two months off a good compliment”

Sry if this is off-topic

Oriented in that context is basically your focus. So your focused on art more than technical gimkit.

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A guide on this would be nice, it’s like a different way to do pixel art, and works in GKC

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