Jail Escape Part 2 Jail Cell

Things I want for the Cell.

  1. 2 beds so 2 player in each cell.
  2. A hidden key under 1 bed
  3. A gate (made of poles) that will automatically open once a player with a Blue Key gets near it
    So lets start!
    First I designed the walls with Gray Stone Barriers (left, right, and top).
    Then I used the Metal poles horizontal and vertical to make it look like a gate.
    Next I put down 2 blue beds and 1 spawn pad. I set the spawn pad to Team 1.
    Fourthly I went to Map Options through settings and turned the Background Terrain to Concrete.
    Next I went to Teams and split teams to sizes of 2.
    Now lets do the Blue Key.
  4. I put a button down (next to a bed) and changed the Name from Interact to Blue Key (also made it invisible to players in the game)
  5. I got a Item Granter and set it to 1 Blue Key. 3.
  6. Wire the button to the Item Granter and make it Button Pressed to Grant Item.
  7. Then I put down a checker.
  8. I made the checker run 1 check which is for 1 Blue Key.
  9. Finally I wired the checker to the button which was (Check passes to deactivate button)
    Now we can do the automatic door.
  10. On each metal pole I put to Hide Prop on the a channel (lets call it Open Gate).
  11. Then on the Show Prop (channel) I called it close gate. I repeated this for all the poles.
  12. Then I put a zone where I the length of the gate but wider.
  13. Then I got 1 checker and made it check for a Blue Key.
  14. I got another checker and did the same thing.
  15. Now on the first checker (channel) I put Open Gate when check passes. Then wired the zone to that with Player Enter Zone to Run check.
  16. Now on the other checker I put channel as Close Gate when check passes. Finally I wired the zone to that with Player Leaves Zone to Run Check.
    And that’s about it.
    Just keep in mind that when doing wire’s remember whichever thing I mention first you have to wire first then wire the other one. See you soon!
    What it looked like in the end.
    P.S. I repeated the process and labeled each room.

why didn’t you just edit the other one?

so I people can easily find the different parts