Jail Escape Part 1 Introduction

Okay I am making a full jail escape lesson. So first let me set some rules I will follow.

  1. It must look real
  2. I must tell how to make everything I did
  3. There must be a use for all the keys in Gimkit
    And that’s about it so here I go!

You only have a little bit of time to edit this!

It’s either 1 day or 3? I think.
Next time, please don’t post the topic before you have finished as you don’t have much time to edit.

Take your time with posting things. If you are editing on the announcement you only have one day to do this.

okay thanks, kinda new here also I am struggling with something

but I’ll figure it out

@Student, you have exactly 24 hours or you can’t edit :frowning:
Edit: Make a new post because you ran out of time