Jail Escape Ideas

Hi everyone! Posting a Help Topic here!
So, I need some ideas. I have an RPG Jail Escape, and I need more rooms. I have a Yard, a Cell, a Pantry, and a Storage Room, but I need more ideas. Anyone have some for me?

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Maybe a closet or underground tunnel?

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Well, It’s more like you have to go through rooms. There aren’t really any secret tunnels. Maybe I’ll add that, though. The storage is basically the closet.

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This is the Cell

Most of the Pantry

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maybe add secret doors.you know like take collision off things?

I’m asking for room ideas, not secret stuff, but yeah, great idea!

ok!i did something likes this once!its really fun.

Oh, so you go through rooms to escape the jail If I’m correct?

how long have you been working on this?i would have given up after a hour.

Yeah. @moonpool Probably more than 5 hours. But that’s all my time combined.

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wow!your really dedicated to this!

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A break room for the guards and a Cafeteria

a trick room?like you have 3 buttons one opens a door,one kills you,one dose nothing

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