Jail cells for Roleplay

looking at this picture there are 8 cells with a matching property for the corresponding cell, and I want it so when a criminal gets caught it teleports them to a cell, but when they get sent to the cell it updates the property. when the property = 1 no player can teleport to that cell. how could this work?

The role-play tag is unused use the rpg tag instead.

can you help my problem?

Do you already have a system so that when the criminal is caught they get sent to the cell?

not yet…maybe soon… :frowning:

I’ve been experimenting with the teleporters and stuff and I got nothing so you could just add a cellmate thingy or something :person_shrugging:

rpg is for guides, not help posts.

Try using a pop-up that appears for team 2 and says you are on the team that goes into the jail cells, with a call to action that says close and make the pop-up unclosable and so when you press the CTA it increases a new property (use a counter to increment it). Then place a lifecycle for player knocked out or tagged run check and then check if the property is above zero. If it is then teleport them into the jail cells. (Also make sure the property is numerical.)

Maybe instead make it so player tagged (or something like that) teleport tagged player to a random cell using a trigger with the randomizer code

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Axolottle told me to use this so I am so confused…

Tags are usually for people who want things about a certain topic. So that’s why the rpg tag is usually for guides.

Well this guide says role-play isn’t used.

I meant that it shouldn’t have any tags.