JA Biz Town Mall Help needed :)

I am making a mall where you can apply for a job and try and make as much money as you can, and its basically a money simulator kind of like Fishtopia. I need some ideas for decor and furniture. Like are there any props that i could use for these or how to build things? Here is a list of all the companies i need to decorate:
A fire + police department

For chipotle, there’s emojis! :hot_pepper:

What are some ideas on how to use the emojis, @Txme_Lxss ? Im struggling to fill the shops with furniture, and i am brain dead i need ideas.

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use the text device and put in the emoji

I have put emojis on signs already, would you think i could put some elsewhere?

I specifically have no furniture in Bechtel, (a construction, engineering and architecture company) also AT&T has very little furniture

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For interior decoration you can find multiple ideas on here. But some off the top of my head are
Shelves (theres a prop for this and you can put items on it using item images)
You can make clothing stores using emojis as well :coat: :womans_clothes: :tshirt: :jeans: Ect.
You could make checkout counters using barriers, sentries and item images
A food court in one of the shops (ive seen this done in certain malls)
A cash register you depos!t money into(i dont know how to build but its probably possible)
And seating areas
for architecture you could add like blueprints and workers. Also things like building posters on the walls.

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well, chipotle has mexican food

you can use plates with it!

:plate_with_cutlery: :taco: :burrito:

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Don’t be afraid to use barriers

If you want to make a custom prop, use them.

And If you’re stuck on what to put inside, try searching it up for inspiration

i like the idea of blueprints, how would i do that?

how do you make custom props?

Use the barrier device.




you should probably make a Nike outlet, because you can use emoji’s: :athletic_shoe:

You can use barrier art. Lemme see if I can make an example.
(It may take a while, im multitasking homework)

Screenshot 2024-05-09 192856
Screenshot 2024-05-09 193909
Here are examples of a poster and a blueprint thing
(The blueprint thing can look better but as I said, im busy)


all awesome ideas! Here are some pictures of the rooms i have done so far any recommendations



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