Items for Mario Kart in Gimkit

@ClicClac yout mario kart map has flooring instead of walls in the aftergame lobby, so you can escape it might wanna change that lol

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For the items you could do the feather, a coin, or possibly a bob-omb

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I did a few weeks ago.

Go play GK8. This was made SIX MONTHS ago. The item roster isn’t changing from what I already have.

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it still does on the far right wall

Kinda off-topic, but GK8 was amazing. Now back on topic for me, @GimkitNerdlul check dates so you don’t revive dead topics. I’m just reiterating what ClicClac said.


it wasnt @HP7divergent46THG12 who revived it. it was @GimkitNerdlul

Fixed that, sorry. Now that i see…

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Oh. I haven’t published the update yet.

Yeah, they’re not in MK8.

maybe “Blackout” where it turns everyone else’s screen black for like 5 seconds

Add a box that when you touch it disappears and you get a item.

Again, check the date and play the game.

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That’s basically IN the game already. If you want to help with GK8, would you like to try and help fix a rounding error?

wait, what dp you need the items for clickclac

I needed the items back in September when I was adding them to the game. No, I will not mark a solution yet.

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Oh, wait, i saw this was made in september…


ohh lol trust me i didn’t play that game 1 time