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I need to have a way for like a thing that a checker can check for, only it does not show up if you enter your inventory


What do you mean? How to use a checker, you mean?

no no no like a thing a checker can check for, only not visible like an item

like an item to check for, but not an item

You can use a property.


like true/false or number

well, its gotta be number for the checker

Make the checker check type “property?”

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yeah i knew that was an option i just didnt know what it did

Oh… Ok… That makes sense. I’m not the best with checkers, but maybe if you check if the counter has reached the target…? IDK. I’m not the best… But you can use a property.

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would i need a counter

It checks for a property’s value and can run actions if the property number is greater than, less than or equal to your set number accordingly.

You wouldn’t need a counter, (I think, you can also increase or decrease the property’s value through blocks)

You can use it though if you’re making scores.

This might work, as it partially exists to solve this problem:


Use a trigger. When the event happens, activate the trigger. Make sure it’s inactive on game start. If you want to check for it, trigger the trigger.

So it’s checking for something that NOT there, correct?

It’s checking if it is there.

The guide says that it’s checking for something that you currently don’t have, as far as I know, it’s impossible for you to have something, but at the same time, not have it as well.

Player ids are not for this situation. You want to activate a trigger when the player does the event. When you want to check if the player has done it, then you try to trigger it… and I’ve just realized you’re talking about the trigger activation state guide. I said that you can adapt it to also check if you haven’t done it. It’s necessary because the trigger won’t send on a channel if it’s not active, or the event hasn’t occurred. So we need another trigger for that.