Item Spawner Bug

When I put an item spawner a legendary gadget then start the game, go near the item spawner my game freezes.
I don’t understand why my game is freezing, I need help.

That happened to me but the item spawner disappeared

That happened to me as well… The game freezing. The only way to get around that is by reloading and starting an entirely new game (go out of the tab and go back in).

Refresh, log out, Restart your device (Or RLR for short)

It doesn’t fix it.

yes they sometimes disappear

It’s happening on my gimkit map, I don’t know what to do

You could use an item granter and connect it to a questioner and it works.

I can’t put many questioner, but I think I can use buttons.

That would actually be a way easier way.

OK, thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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