Item Image Rendering

My Item Image was displaying a green key with a yellow border. (Not sure if that matters?) But when I hovered over it in the game, I didn’t get a menu for movement, copying, etc. Instead, the game had the entity in a different place, and when I hovered over the other place, I got the menu.

OMG??? I definitely did not already know about this and am currently seated next to Hack3rz in class right now lol.

i dont know if this helps but did the window size ever change? (such as fullscreen, unfullscreen, restore down etc.) because the item image will move differently that happens to me idk if thats the case tho

vine boo m
imagine using the forums in class couldn’t be me

I have a pan prop, and when I flipped it, part of the pan wasn’t even highlighted when i moved it

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